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Outta the Cloud is a revolutionary new technology that is forever changing how we connect!
  • The MVP Connection, LLC introduces, Outta The Cloud, a revolutionary innovation and patented architecture which keeps data and information where it belongs - on Enterprise Computer(s) - while giving the Enterprise a safe haven against hackers. Outta The Cloud is a secure (99.9%) end-to end solution for real-time live streaming with a next-gen compute platform for real-time data collection, aggregation, and intra-node processing from multiple devices. Additionally, the live streaming and distributed hybrid data communication system and platform sports an integrated service oriented engine and business process orchestration platform that offers a plethora of modular micro-services and applications unique for an Enterprise.
  • Outta the Cloud is a hybrid to the cloud; a disruptive technology that enables Enterprise(s) to forever change how they compute, while offering them a safer place to connect, socialize, live stream, and learn.
  • Find out how Outta the Cloud can be used to protect your enterprise, save you money, and give you peace of mind by contacting: Shara Susannah Vincent e-mail: or 954-653-8411


What is Outta The Cloud?

Through its patented architecture, 'Outta The Cloud' brings to life a robust back-end architecture and framework where its master control engine(s) builds out a live streaming and service oriented distributed hub for the Enterprise, dubbed and branded 'Outta The Cloud'. It does so by utilizing its own real time operating system and kernel that forms a powerful community of self-powered and private network of nodes. How? By utilizing unused local hard disk drive space that with the help of its embedded Real Time Operating System (RTOS) executes its application within its own transparent partition without ever touching third party operating system resources. 'Outta the Cloud', then, provides the Enterprise with an end-to-end next-gen solution for real-time live streaming, business process service orchestration, and across a 99.9% secure channel.

Outta The Cloud is now available under license to technology and development partners for platform design, development, and usage. Also, a platform will soon be available for container based modular micro-services providing Enterprises a low cost, reliable, and secure business solution for rapid adoption and delivery of mission critical services.


Our Team
Shara Susannah Vincent
Owner & President

The Management Team is made up of the following: Shara Susannah Vincent, CTO, Owner, and President. The technical aspects for application development and its management are also managed by Shara Susannah Vincent.

As we grow, we plan on adding additional and permanent management personnel and officers.



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