Our Company: The MVP Connection, LLC

Who we are


The MVP Connection LLC was launched in December 2009, as an IT Consulting Outsource Company as well as a Research and Development Company.  Recently, The MVP Connection, LLC transitioned its Business Model into the Technology Product Development markets for the commercialization of  two issued patents, U.S. Patent No. 8,706,836 for Live Streaming Media and Data Communications Hub, and U.S. Patent No. 9,201,671 for a Distributed Virtual Hybrid Data Communication System. The two intellectual properties disclose an effective date of December 18, 2008 and is under the ownership of Shara Susannah Vincent.  The next-gen technology forms a  collective whole, which was branded as 'Outta of the Cloud" for its storage and processing faculties. Further, its software programming model offers its own Real Time Operating System (RTOS), a decentralized adaptive layer, which utilizes a centralized control hub for its virtualization architecture, infrastructure management, business service orchestration, and functional and data processing.

Our Mission

‘To be the industry’s number one choice for revolutionary next-gen technologies that connects global communities’.

The MVP Connection, LLC Business Model

As we transform our business model from a Research and Development Technology Company, we will now begin operating as a Marketing, Sales, and Product and Services based organization. With that transformation, we have divided the new business model platform into two areas to fully capitalize, commercialize, and monetize our revolutionary new product concept and its secure architecture as follows:

  • Business Model #1 is focused to build out the Technology, and then sell the invention's Back-end Master Client Engine across a broad range of markets.
  • Business Model #2 is focused on the Licensing and/or Brokering of the Back-end Master Client Engine that deploys the Backend Master Client Engine and its Container services to third parties for a royalty fee in line with the market price for this new technology.  Meanwhile, we will also retain full rights to build and or license the architecture to other third parties or license and sell to third parties the entire architecture so that they can build to their own specification while The MVP Connection Holdings, LLC retains full rights to develop the product out to its fullest capabilities.
We are now offering Outta the Cloud as a Mutually Non-Exclusive Patent and IP License to any third party Enterprise, Organization, or Government. Our third party valuation of the patents at its current market rate given its baseline valuation is held to be at nominal cost for its TCO and with a one time fee with small yearly royalties, or several combinations thereof. The license  will extend your license ownership for the next thirteen years and gives you full "Rights: to build and sell the product at your discretion.  Please email a Sales Representative today at denise_marsh@xstreamtechnology.com for more information.

The belief system at The MVP Connection Holdings, LLC

The belief system held by The MVP Connection Holdings, LLC is underlined by Doing What We Say We Will Do”! 

Company's Core Values

The MVP Connection has advanced beyond others as a start-up due to its ability to develop an extremely intelligent solution within the technology domain.  This advantage comes from adopting and embedding the core values held by its technology expert, Shara Susannah Vincent who made a personal investment of time and money that spanned over twelve years of active research and development, fueled by a passion for learning and underscored by a curiosity for the “...what if...?”.  These values have come together to bring her Inventions of U.S. Patent No. 8,706,836, the Live Streaming Media and Data Communication Hub, and Patent #9,201,671, Distributed Hybrid Virtual Data Communication System, and their subsequent patents to life.  It is this drive and belief system that The MVP Connection Holdings, LLC is built upon as it embodies those same values which develop extremely intelligent and smart solutions to lead the way in the technology domain.