The Downside of a Data Center Vs. Outta The Cloud Architecture


The best part of Outta the Cloud is that it is 99.9% secure, plus it allows an Enterprise to own their own content and data instead of a data center.  Moreover, there isn't a third party that sells your data or can monetize or capitalize on an Enterprise's DRM assets.  In the real world today, that is what happens.  The Enterprise does not know nor authorize its knowledge, data, and streamed assets to be exposed external to their authorization.  Everyone benefits except the Enterprise Owner! Do you know where your data is stored?  Do you know how your streaming assets is being utilized?  Did you know that once outside of your Enterprise that your knowledge assets, data, and multimedia assets may now reside outside your authority of control or worse yet, ownership?  Do you know who where your content and data resides today? How it is being sold and monetized? And, to whom is capitalizing and making money with your own personal digital Assets?  If you don't, then you are not the only one. Our twelve years of backed up research indicates that over 98% of the users of a Social Networking Site has no idea that their data is being sold, and over 95% of that data resides in "The Cloud" in an international data-base, namely Asia and the Middle East.

Outta the Cloud was designed for ingesting, and consuming  data by building out its own local mini broadcast data center on local Enterprise(s) computing devices, so that all Enterprise(s) can take back ownership and control of their own knowledge, data, and multimedia assets without incurring the large costs associated with Data Center Storage.  Therefore, allowing the Enterprise to expose its users knowledge assets, data, and multimedia assets at their discretion.

With Outta of the Cloud, Your information will never be sold and never be utilized by a third party. The Enterprise and their User Base will decide how you want their content is distributed.

Outta the Cloud and its real-time distributed hybrid data and communication system and service hub  was designed with your Enterprise in mind, and only your Enterprise owners will decide how to publish their users content and to whom.  Our round-trip architecture is "all about you and your Enterprise" that eliminates third party aggregators from capitalizing upon your digital assets and better yet your identity.