Outta The Cloud Benefits


The architecture offers many other integrated utility services and features orchestrated as virtual appliances and container services and offered through a subscription offering for a huge cost savings to the user. The user need only to sign up for the services that he/she finds useful, and then may subscribe and pay for those services on a monthly basis, as a one-time service instance, or may purchase many instances of a service at a discount price.


An example of this would be to purchase many tickets in advance to view in live real-time on your own live channel which might be all the home football games your grandson plays in from four hundred miles away.

Other service examples include, white boarding and educational learning sessions in real-time, and on-demand recruiter services for personal promotion, live e-sports services, and live e-entertainment services that own and serve the enterprise of those niche markets.Thus, the service providers are the owners of the back-end master client and its distributed software installations across a niche of “like users”. 

Yet another benefit, is that the product is not infinitely associated with nor dependent upon third party providers for storage and capacity. Most other providers of live streaming services must utilize the services of a third party content delivery network in the cloud as most cannot reach the level of scale required.

Why? Mainly due to not having the right load balancing solution in place that would allow them to fully monetize their own server solution that would eliminate the need for these third party storage providers.


This has huge costs associated with third party cloud storage providers as research indicates that these services consume up to 65% of a live streaming provider’s revenue. This also carries a huge risk as those “other” live streaming service providers must put their clients’ data in an unknown cloud data center with there being no way of knowing how it is being utilized.

Most of these data centers sell a user’s digital assets and personal data to yet other third party aggregators allowing the data center to further monetize and capitalize upon “your” own data.

Our solution eliminates those risks and expenses entirely as it deploys an automated Map reduce functionality and a state-of-the art load balancing solution that allows the subscriber of services and content owners to own their own content through using their own local unused disk space or even their own external storage replacing the need for a third party data storage center in the cloud.


Our solution puts the content back into the hands of the owner which is another intangible benefit to our clients, and one that builds trust knowing that their Identity and personal information is safe and cannot be stolen.

Another added benefit is that the system is extremely efficient due to the data residing close to the user base which virtually eliminates the latency and buffering thus allowing for a better viewing experience. This is both a tangible, intangible, and a complete advantage market benefit.

Finally, the Outta the Cloud product solution will not utilize a browser for internal communications, which shuts out hackers that prey upon non-secure browsers. For internal communications, the viewing experience will be from a machine to machine perspective so that all users are connected via a machine connection allowing access to all user’s public data or only the data they choose to expose. The Outta the Cloud architecture will allow a user to venture out to the internet through our unique encrypted application gateway that acts as an internal escort to deliver the requested service to its endpoint unmolested.

The much larger picture is that due to all of these benefits, enterprise and niche companies will grow trust relationships and those trust relationship builds your client base and client retention.

The research from Gartner in October, 2015, as well as articles published from the Harvard Institute in December, 2015, states that in order to leverage the services of the big players in the Live Streaming and OTT (Over the Top TV) and in real-time, must leverage an internal social community and then allow it to scale laterally for a much larger monetization for income as well as lowered cost of ownership (drastically, and as much as 77% per my twelve years of backed-up research). This is not only a competitive advantage in the market space, but also offers large monetization of assets for The MVP Connection Holdings, LLC. 


unlimited revenue streams

These benefits allow unlimited revenue streams for the owner of the Backend Master Client comes from utility services, paid for by the users, as well as downstream and upstream selling of services across an enterprise or to a separate third party cross-domain social networking hub. An example would be a sister or parent company that buys the back-end master client services necessary to power their own internal hub. All that is needed is to add them in the "Administration" section of the Back-end Master Client, and along with easy to understand configurations, all other internal and external clusters of user disk nodes are instantly clustered while keeping the user data retained to a certain group and private to the outside world. 

The inventions were devised to be flexible whereas each functional code module and code-base is not only reusable across a cluster of nodes, or across a cluster of third party cross domain nodes that has a user base of "like" interested users. The utility services and its live streaming to a real time service task is visualized to be less complex, modular, easy-to-use and flexible. The maintenance costs alone would net an immediate ROI as the expenditure for third party offloads and third party services of an external data center is completely eliminated.

The intangible benefit is giving the subscribers of the live streaming service “the peace of mind with having a secure 99.7% solution for the management of their data” and whereas the users take back control of their own digital assets eliminates the headache of constant worry when everyone knows that the "cloud" is a dangerous place for retention of data, especially those that must meet legislation and compliance laws in the United States as international companies don't have to comply with the laws and regulation of the United States.