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  • 05/31/2016 06:55 PM
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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself on a less formal basis for all of those who are not familiar with me, nor with the work that I do. My name is Shara Susannah Vincent, and I grew up in rural Arkansas where my early thoughts as a very young child became the basis for my creation of a platform for a collective vision. Those thoughts were centered around my having a fascination for a big, blue, spinning "World Globe" that sat on my first grade teacher's big brown desk. That globe for me became an early symbol for what it meant to live in a fragile, yet isolated existence and still stirs up feelings of having once lived in a non-connected and isolated world with drawn boundaries that kept the world and its people” apart" and "away" from one another and limiting what we knew about the world, its people, and how they lived, worked, and interacted.

While never losing sight of what it might be like to visit China, shop in Paris, or travel across the blue oceans my formulating globalization in a highly simplistic way was something that created an early foot-print in my mind for developing the basis of a technical platform and ecosystem, with all its possibilities, for living in a highly interconnected world.


Keeping those goals in mind, I developed my new patented architecture while keeping that striking, big blue, spinning globe as a reminder for what “it could be”.  With a personal need arising in 2000, its conception emerged in tandem with that early vision to afforded me the opportunity to extend my early childhood dreams into reality for a real-world, community oriented, and real-time architecture with no boundaries and where its platform forms a play haven for human connectedness, social interaction, and interactive learning experiences.

In addition, it is not singly placed on the technology platform in and of itself, but rather on developing a whole platform and ecosystem underscored with “you” in mind. You may not realize it, but the “you” is a very important person who resides in a deeply connected and complex world.  It is that “you” that forms the collective whole behind my invention which has its roots in social communities, societies, and deeply complex human networks where the “you” will help break down barriers and social silos leading to the betterment of our global connectedness. I like to think of this as world globalization.  It is my hope that unlike myself who lived in rural Arkansas where each time I was afforded the opportunity to “spin” that big blue world to play out a natural curiosity, that the “children of tomorrow” can experience a global connectedness and learn more about a country and its people rather than in one moment in time.

I invite you all to take a look while visiting this site and learn more about my technology platform and my embodiment of the vision that helped shape my ideas about technology, globalization, and about what I have been working on for the past twelve years, and it was branded as Outta the Cloud; a hybrid to the cloud technology that has people talking!

And...may the world continue to “spin” around you!

Blog Post by: Shara Susannah Vincent


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