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  • 05/22/2016 07:47 AM
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Outta The Cloud is an The MVP Connection, LLC product and brand that brings to life a revolutionary new patented architecture for the Enterprise, Organizations, and Governments. Outta The Cloud has a complete back-end processing center and the computing client engine builds out a live streaming and service oriented architecture on one’s own computing device allowing for virtually no latency, buffering, and lightning fast load times.

The back-end master client engine also acts in the capacity of the central management and control unit orchestrates an end-to-end solution for live and real-time live streaming video services, and round trip inter-node communications through a 97.7% internal secure channel and social platform for the real-time live streaming of events to a live channel. It then saves those streams and re-purposes them for different purposes, such as (VOD) video on demand and other live streaming services. This allows for one’s own extra disk space to act as a local mini data center for live streaming in real-time and for playback to the audience of a user's choice. It also allows for the Service Provider and Owner of the Back-end Master Client Engine to take advantage of the many and varied revenue streams as Outta The Cloud is an all-in-one solution that is unlike any on the market at this time.


The Outta The Cloud architecture also sports an integrated live social media networking and internal hub whose platform allows users with "like interests" to communicate and solve problems in real time. We call this "Learning through Observation". We also believe that two minds are better than one, therefore our Collective Intelligence Hub has the ability to capture those interactions, at a user’s will, and re-deploy them for later usage by other entities. Thus, with a one-of-a kind integrated service oriented architecture and collective intelligence hub, it will allow for state of the art internal analytic as well as user based analytic.

From a pure novice user standpoint, Outta the Cloud is a revolutionary platform and system which keeps your data and information where it belongs - on your own computer - while giving you the safety and protection from hackers that are known to prowl "the cloud". It takes the unused space on your computer and turns it into your own personal safe that only you own while allowing its central management device called the Back-end Master Client to manage the hub from a central location.

Outta the Cloud, quite literally, changes the way we use the internet, making it a safer place to connect, socialize, live stream, and learn. Outta the Cloud is a revolutionary new technology that is “forever changing how we connect”!

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